Winemaking consultation

Research and testing on vinification technologies

Micro, meso and macro vinifications.
Conception and development of personalised vinification procedures.
Conception and development of wines based on market demand.

Development of winemaking projects

Viticultural and oenological consultation to create, renew or amplify winemaking enterprises.
Research and assessment of viticultural and oenological assets.
Microvinifications for the study of the potential of grape varieties and of the soil.
Presentation of enterprises, wines and winemaking areas to professionals in the sector, sommelier and consumers.

Oenological products

Qualitative and quantitative assessment.
Research and development.
Quality control.

Plant design

Study of layout, sizing and design.
Quality and efficiency control.
Consultancy in research and development.

Business management and organisation

Study into a winery’s management operational procedures.
Company organisation.
Education and training for personnel in the wine cellar and laboratory.
Optimisation of company resources.
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