Winemaking in Conegliano over 45 years

Studio Michelet begins its early days in the 1970s, when winemaker Enzo Michelet approached research applied to production technology thanks to strong and ongoing experience with Carlo Miconi, renowned Professor at Conegliano’s Oenological School. Over thirty-five years of oenological consulting have led to the robustness of our competency and the quality of the services offered by our business. Our advice is based on critical and scientific observation of actual analytical data, through which we achieve the sensorial assessments required to develop and ameliorate our products’ characteristics for our clients. Since the early 1980s, we have experienced broadening and upgrades of our capabilities in the viticultural field. These range from the restoration of old vineyards, in collaboration with the Conegliano Experimental Institute for Viticulture and with Veneto Agricoltura’s Centre for Research, to the assessment of the national viticultural assets, in collaboration with Dr Severina Cancellier. Today’s activity is empowered and enlarged towards the study, the sizing and the design of vinification installations, thanks to the introduction of new graduates in oenology, and food and environmental sciences. Our capacity to work in a team has led us to collaborate hand in hand with other important professionals in the wine world. These professionals share our perspective to follow wine, and the producer, during the entire production chain: from the plant to the finished bottle, passing through production technologies.

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